ICY BOX Resetting the administrator password
If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it. Resetting the password will also restore the LAN Connection preferences to factory default.

Insert the Setup CD into your PC or Mac. The Main page of ICY BOX Setup appears.

2. Click Reset Tools. The Reset your ICY BOX page appears, and the setup program searches for your ICY BOX device.
3. Once the IP address of your ICY BOX device appears, click Reset. A message appears, directing you to reboot the device within five minutes.
4. Click OK, and then reboot the ICY BOX.
5. Once the ICY BOX has rebooted, right-click the ICY BOX Agent icon, and then select Open ICY BOX Application. The application starts and Page 1 of the Reset Wizard appears.
6. Click Next. Page 2 of the Reset Wizard appears.
7. Select the administrator account in the User Name list.
8. Enter the new Password. It must be at least six characters, and one of the characters must be a digit.
9. Re-enter the password in Confirm Password, and then click Next. Page 3 of the Reset Wizard appears.
10. Click Finish. The Login screen appears.
11. Log in with the administrator account, and then restore any LAN Connection preferences that were changed by the reset procedure.
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